How to Make Goat Cheese Profiteroles

  1. STEP 1

    Preheat oven

    Preheat your oven to 350°.
  2. STEP 2

    Combine the basic ingredients

    Combine the basic ingredients. Add half a cup of water, half a cup of milk, and half a stick of butter to your pot and bring it to a boil.
  3. STEP 3

    Add flour

    Add half a cup of all-purpose flour to the pot.
  4. STEP 4


    Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon until the flour has absorbed all the liquid.
  5. STEP 5

    Remove pot from heat

    Remove the pot from the heat. Keep stirring to allow steam to escape.
  6. STEP 6

    Mix in eggs

    Mix in four eggs.
  7. STEP 7

    Spoon dough into pastry bag

    Spoon the dough into a pastry bag.
  8. If you don’t have a pastry bag, fill a self-sealing plastic bag and cut off one corner.
  9. STEP 8

    Secure parchment paper

    Secure the parchment paper to the sheet pan by putting a small dot of dough in the four corners of your pan and then laying the parchment paper in place.
  10. STEP 9

    Pipe dough onto the paper

    Pipe the dough onto the paper.
  11. STEP 10

    Put the pan into the oven

    Put the pan into the oven.
  12. STEP 11

    Mix the filling

    Mix the filling. Add 11 ounces of fresh goat cheese (at room temperature), about a quarter cup of roasted garlic, a teaspoon of chopped fresh thyme leaves, and a tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley to a bowl. Mix the ingredients together, using your spoon to crush the garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  13. STEP 12

    Spoon filling into pastry bag

    Spoon the filling into a pastry bag.
  14. STEP 13

    Remove profiteroles from oven

    Remove the pan from the oven. Allow the profiteroles to cool for 10 minutes.
  15. STEP 14

    Fill the profiteroles

    Fill the profiteroles by inserting the tip of your pastry bag into the center of the profiterole and squeezing in your goat cheese filling.
  16. STEP 15

    Serve and enjoy

    Serve and enjoy!
  17. In 1998, bakers in Athens made a profiterole that weighed 4½ tons and required 1,800 eggs.


Canon EOS C300 = Awesome

In early Fall 2011, I shot some footage with a pre-production model of the Canon EOS C300 for one week in NYC. I created an article and a video for Canon based on my experiences with the camera. The video is meant to poke fun at most camera test videos I've seen over the years. Canon, not thrilled with my sense of humor, does not credit or condone this video, but I think it shows a lot of the camera's strengths.
You can read my full article about the EOS C300 here:
I believe that Canon made a beautiful camera that is sensible, reliable and portable in a way that I've always dreamed a camera could be. It prioritizes great skin tone and has higher ISO sensitivity than any other camera out there.
I know there's nothing I can say to change the minds of the RED fan club. For the rest of the skeptics, I think once you get your hands on it you'll understand how great this camera really is. Please buy this camera in January and go film some good skin tones in the dark. You'll love it.
Thanks go out to all my friends for helping me with this.
Read my Filmmaker Magazine interview about this video here:
This video will be broadcast on all Virgin America flights during the months of February and March on Boing Boing TV!
Watch my super weird follow up C300 project here:


New Years Style Guide 2012 ✭ Maria Jernov

Are you a subscriber yet??♥ Hello everybody! A video for the girls who are not sure yet of what to wear on new years (that is including myself) Here is some inspiration for you! If you like it better when I talk you through the outfits please let me know. Comment here:

Hope everyone is having a radiant christmas! Love u all! xoxoxo

I upload tons of outfits and stuff on
instagram: mariajernov


How to Make Christmas Cookie Bouquets

  1. Step 1

    Roll cookie dough

    Roll out the cookie dough to double the thickness of your skewers. Then use your cookie cutters to cut out cookies. Poke the skewers into the sides of the cookies to make cookie lollipops.
  2. Step 2

    Bake the cookies

    Bake the cookie lollipops according to package directions, adding one to two minutes to account for the added thickness. Allow the cookies to cool completely.
  3. Step 3

    Beat the egg whites

    Make the icing by beating the egg whites in the mixer on medium speed until soft peaks form.
  4. Step 4

    Add sugar

    Change the mixer speed to medium-low and slowly add the confectioners' sugar, 1/2 cup at a time, scraping the bowl between additions.
  5. Tip
    Use more sugar for stiff icing to decorate designs and less sugar for loose icing to fill in the designs.
  6. Step 5

    Add lemon juice

    Add the lemon juice, increasing the speed to medium-high until stiff peaks form and the icing is no longer shiny -- six to eight minutes. Then ice the cookies.
  7. Tip
    Divide the icing and add red and green food coloring.
  8. Step 6

    Decorate the cookies

    Use festive cookie and cake decorations to embellish the cookie lollipops. Tie a piece of colorful ribbon around each stick.
  9. Step 7

    Make the bouquet

    Stick the lollipops into the florists' foam in the bowl and hide the foam with peppermint candies. Use your bouquet as a festive centerpiece -- if you can stand not eating it first.
  10. Fact
    In 1979, in honor of the American hostages in Iran, only the top ornament of the National Christmas Tree was lit.


Beyond Sight Movie, The Derek Rabelo Story

Surf Movies are made stories such as this! Derek Rabelo is a blind surfer from Brazil. He is the first blind surfer to surf one of the heaviest waves in the world, pipeline. 

Pipeline is located on the North Shore of Oahu. Check out the trailer. It is hard enough to surf pipeline without any handicaps. Miraculously, Derek Rebelo surfs pipeline, as a blind surfer, the first in the world to do so. Surf Movies involving Derek and many pro surfers such as Rob Machado, Laird Hamilton, and Kelly Slater are currently being made, and you can support this effort by visiting the Beyond Sight Kickstarter page here:

Beyond Sight the Movie is that latest project of the non profit ministry Walking on Water, which is run by its founder and former professional surfer, Bryan Jennings. One really cool feature of this Kickstarter campaign is everyone who donates will receive a tax deductible receipt, so basically you can purchase surf movies on kickstarter and write it off! Check out the most recent project of, promised land the movie, which features Tom Curren and surfing in the nation of Israel:

Surf Movies are one of the major ways that Walking on water conducts its ministry, of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone they can. They also conduct surf camps in Carlsad California, which have become hugely popular with teens. Walking on water also produced a documentary about Bethany Hamilton, a teen and professional surfer. Bethany's arm was bit off while she was surfing on Kauai. After the documentary was made, Sony made the story into a feature film starring Dennis Quaid. Surf Movies generally don't attract that much attention from Hollywood, but these inspirational stories have caught worldwide attention, and the same is expected to happen with Beyond Sight, the Derek Rebelo story, and whatever surf movies he produces.


How to Make an Easy Gingerbread House

  1. Step 1

    Prepare the dough

    Make a double batch of gingerbread dough, seal it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight.
  2. Step 2

    Make a model house

    Design a house by cutting out pieces of poster board or cardboard for the walls, roof, and chimney. Don’t forget to cut windows and a door in some pieces.
  3. Step 3

    Preheat oven

    Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Take the dough out of the fridge and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Step 4

    Shape the dough

    On a large piece of wax paper, roll out the dough to a quarter-inch thickness. Lightly dust the dough with flour to keep it from sticking to your rolling pin.
  5. Step 5

    Cut the dough

    Use your cardboard cutouts as guides to cut the dough into parts.
  6. Tip
    Bake extra pieces in case a few break during assembly.
  7. Step 6

    Bake the shapes

    Grease cookie sheets and carefully transfer the shapes to them, spaced one inch apart. Bake them for 6 to 15 minutes, depending on the size. The cookies are done when the edges begin to darken.
  8. Step 7

    Trim the pieces

    Trim the pieces as necessary while the cookies are still warm, and then let them cool overnight.
  9. Step 8

    Make royal icing

    Spread royal icing on a foamcore base, which you can find at craft stores. Cover the remaining icing with a damp cloth to keep it from hardening.
  10. Step 9

    Assemble the walls

    Fill a pastry bag with icing and begin assembling the walls by piping icing liberally along the sides of two pieces and then holding them together until the icing is completely dry. Let the walls stand for at least an hour before you put on the roof.
  11. Tip
    To help hold the gingerbread pieces in place, use clean canned goods to prop them up.
  12. Step 10

    Put on the roof

    Angle the cookies that make the roof so that about an inch hangs over the walls, then put on your chimney. When the house is fully assembled, let it sit at least eight hours before decorating it.
  13. Step 11

    Decorate your house

    Time for the fun part – decorating! Use a variety of your favorite candies – and your imagination – to turn your basic house into a sweet dream home.
  14. Fact
    The world’s largest gingerbread house, built in Minnesota’s Mall of America in 2006, was made of nearly 15,000 pounds of gingerbread.


How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Decorations

Christmas Decorations by San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson who shares her personal Christmas Decorating tips
What The Buck response video on how to decorate your Christmas Tree. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you behind the scenes and teaches you the steps behind the magic. Decorating your Christmas tree is a layering process that has an impact on how your tree looks when finished. 

step #1. Put up the tree and fluff the branches (if artificial:-)
step #2. Light the tree
step #3 and 4. add twig type or icy branch garlands 
step #5. Add the balls and ornaments starting from the inside out.
step #6. Add strings of jeweled garland and ribbons/bows.
step #7. Add the ice cycles to the tips of branches
step #8. Top the tree with something special like an angel, bows and artificial flowers and branches or in my case a large snow flake.

More Christmas Designing Tips here: RobesonDesign


How to Keep Your Cat Safe around a Christmas Tree

  1. Step 1

    Set up the tree

    Put your tree in its stand, but leave it undecorated for a few days so your cat can get used to it. Be sure to place the tree in a heavy stand, and anchor it to the ceiling or a wall.
  2. Step 2

    Decorate the tree

    Decorate the tree, leaving the lowest area free of decorations for the first few days. Add decorations to the bottom of the tree after the cat has gotten used to the higher ones.
  3. Tip
    Hang the ornaments with ribbons rather than hooks, and do not use tinsel. Use heavy ornaments that do not dangle.
  4. Step 3

    Coat electrical cords

    Coat electrical cords with with a non-toxic chew deterrent to discourage your cat from biting them.
  5. Tip
    Hide electrical cords by threading them through PVC tubing.
  6. Step 4

    Add a scratching post

    Place a scratching post near the tree along with some kitty greens. Make it so that everyone, including your feline friend, will enjoy a green Christmas.
  7. Fact
    In 1856, President Franklin Pierce became the first American president to put a Christmas tree in the White House.


How to Host Your First Christmas Dinner

  1. Step 1

    Check logistics

    Figure out if you have enough chairs, seating space, and tableware. Borrow from friends and neighbors to fill any holes. Or check out a thrift store; if you don't need or want it afterward, donate it back.
  2. Tip
    Throw some cushions on the floor around your coffee table and let little guests eat there.
  3. Step 2

    Call your guests

    Call your guests so you have a handle on how many people are coming – and an excuse to fish for contributions. People often _want_ to contribute, especially if it ensures that their holiday favorite will be on the table.
  4. Step 3

    Ask for help

    Don't be shy about asking for assistance before, during, and after. You'll need all the help you can preparing the food, getting your home ready, serving, and cleaning up afterward.
  5. Tip
    If your budget allows it, hire a cleaning service a day or two before.
  6. Step 4

    Have all the family favorites

    Honor family traditions, even if you personally think that egg nog is nauseating and fruitcake isn't really dessert. If it's important to someone, serve it – and let them take the leftovers home.
  7. Step 5

    Finalize your menu

    Finalize your menu and go shopping. Figure out what you can make a day or two ahead so that the big day is not such a rush. And remember: Now is not the time to attempt a dish you've never tried.
  8. Step 6

    Don't pull any surprises

    When it comes to dinner, don't surprise your guests with tofurkey if they've always had a Christmas ham. If you want to serve something different, make it in addition to, not instead of, the family favorite.
  9. Tip
    Plan on these per-person servings: One pound of meat, a half-cup of potatoes, half-cup of each vegetable side dish, two dinner rolls, an eighth of a pie or cake, and three of each kind of cookie.
  10. Step 7

    Make a simple centerpiece

    Make a simple table centerpiece out of a bowl of ornaments in two colors, like gold and red, or a bowl filled with bunches of red and green grapes, perhaps surrounding a pillar candle. Line the table with votive candles. You're all set!
  11. Fact
    Candy canes evolved from candy crooks, a sweet invented in 17th-century Germany to keep children quiet during Christmas church services.


Beyond the Yellow Boat

When Jay Jaboneta heard that a group of children in the Philippines have to swim to school, he started a fundraiser on Facebook to buy them a boat—only to realize that the solution required a more local perspective.


How to Make Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies - The Easiest Way

While demonstrating recipes for simple sugar cookies and royal icing, Amy Wisniewski of the CHOW Test Kitchen shares a few helpful tips that'll help keep your holiday cookie-baking and -decorating fun and easy!

Want to make this? Here is the recipe! -

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How to Grow an Herb Garden Indoors

  1. Step 1

    Choose your herbs

    Decide which herbs you'd like to plant. Basil, cilantro, chives, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme all grow well indoors.
  2. Step 2

    Get containers

    For each herb, get a container that measures, from end to end, one-third to one-half the expected height of the grown plant. Buy ones especially made for herbs from a gardening center, or use a clean milk carton or yogurt cup; just make sure you punch a hole in the bottom for drainage.
  3. Tip
    Basil needs a large pot because of its extensive roots.
  4. Step 3

    Cover the bottom and add soil

    Place pottery shards or gravel in the bottom of each container for drainage, and then put each container on a saucer. Fill the containers with planter soil, or use potting soil mixed with perlite.
  5. Step 4

    Plant your seeds

    Plant the seeds according to the package's instructions. Most should be sown close to the surface.
  6. Step 5

    Find a sunny spot

    Find a spot where the plants will get a lot of sunshine. A south- or west-facing window works best.
  7. Tip
    If you don't have a sunny window, put your herb garden under fluorescent light for 12 hours a day.
  8. Step 6

    Water carefully

    Water once a week, or whenever the soil an inch down feels dry. Add enough water so that a little runs out of the hole at the bottom of the pot. Pour out any that collects in the saucer.
  9. Step 7

    Consider using starter plants

    Consider growing some or all of your herbs from starter plants, which you can get from gardening centers. Some herbs, like mint, sage, thyme, and savory, take a long time to develop from seeds.
  10. Step 8

    Savor your herbs

    Savor the luxury of snipping off some fresh herbs whenever you want to spice up a dish.
  11. Fact
    In ancient Greece, students wore garlands of rosemary while studying for exams to help their memory. Today, it is being studied as a possible Alzheimer's treatment.


Tips for Christmas Gifts!

List of tips:

1. Girls: purses, jewelry (earrings are not too intimate), scarves, hats
2. Guys: gadgets (phone accessories, geeky things), clothes, concert tickets
3. Gift certificates for restaurants, car wash, cooking lessons, spa's, helicopter rides,...
4. DIY gift certificates for a homecooked meal or a personal massage
5. Personalized gifts such as photobooks, fun boxes, ...
6. DVDs, CDs, books, clothes, ...

Leave your gift comment here: twinklybird


How To Make a Popcorn-Cranberry Garland For Your Christmas Tree

Popcorn-cranberry garlands hanging from a Christmas tree may prove tempting to pets. Be sure to place them out of reach.

    Step 1: Pop popcorn
Make or buy popcorn. Then leave it out for a day or two to get stale—fresh popcorn breaks too easily for stringing. If you’re using microwave popcorn, choose one with no butter and no salt.

    Day-old air-popped popcorn works best.

    Step 2: Thread a needle
Thread the needle with heavy-duty sewing thread, waxed dental floss, or fishing wire. Tie a fat knot at the other end of the string.

   Wear old clothes and put down drop cloths before you begin stringing. Cranberry juice can stain.

    Step 3: Start stringing
Alternate stringing fresh cranberries with popcorn, taking care to push the needle straight through the center of each piece. Carefully pull each one to the knotted end of the thread before stringing the next piece.
Make popcorn-cranberry decorations by stringing cranberries and popcorn directly onto narrow-gauge floral wire, then twisting the wire into a ball or another shape.

    Step 4: String the lights first
Arrange the lights on the tree before hanging the garland. Ornaments come last, after the garland.

    Step 5: Hang the garland
Drape the garland loosely on the tree branches, starting from the top, keeping it well away from lights. Use about nine feet of garland for each foot of your tree.

    Step 6: Compost it
If you compost, add the cranberries and popcorn when you take down your tree.

    Fact: American colonists from Germany were the first to hang popcorn-cranberry garlands on Christmas trees.


The Story of Keltie Colleen.

Professional dancer Keltie Colleen came to Los Angeles by way of New York City and Northern Canada. Here she shares her story, which is one of moving from heartache to healing, finding love, and staying true to herself.

Learn more about To Write Love On Her Arms here<<<


SU2C Patient Story: Avalanna

Despite her rare diagnosis with an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) and enduring multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and cell transplants, 6-year-old Avalanna lived life with an exuberance that inspired everyone around her. Broadcast as part of the September 7, 2012 Stand Up To Cancer telecast, Avalanna's story is a reminder of the critical need for additional research for children facing cancer everywhere. Avalanna passed on September 26, 2012. All of us at Stand Up To Cancer stand together, heartbroken, with the family of Avalanna Routh. For six years, she shared her courage, sparkling wit, bravery and strength with the world. Despite our tears, we will forever carry with us a gratitude for having encountered a life and spirit as precious as hers.


Detox Fashion

Help get this new video “Detox Fashion”, which reveals the toxic truth behind the clothes we buy, on as many screens as possible.

We know these clothing brands monitor social media as closely as they monitor traditional media, and every time you like, share, comment on, or promote this video, it increases the pressure on the companies to change their ways: to stop poisoning rivers in the countries where their products are made, and stop shipping hazardous chemicals all over the world in their clothes.
This past week we've shown the fashion industry what we're capable of together. But unfortunately the toxic discharges from clothing factories continue, and while Zara is the biggest, more companies must recognise and act upon the urgency of the situation to Detox our water.


They say you can tell next season's hottest trend by looking at the colour of the rivers in Mexico and China. That's because global fashion brands like Calvin Klein, GAP and Victoria's Secret are using hazardous chemicals and dyes to make our clothes. These chemicals poison our rivers, and traces of these hazardous chemicals also end up remaining in many of the garments people buy.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are calling on brands to make fashion that doesn't cost the Earth. Just this week, the world's largest retailer ZARA committed to clean-up their supply chain after over 320,000 people joined the campaign calling on the brand to Detox. True People Power in action.

Join fashion-lovers, activists, models and designers in exposing big brands' dirty little secret and demanding fashion without pollution: