Nicholas James Vujicic _No arms.._ No legs.._ No worries!

Nicholas James Vujicic (born on 4 December 1982) is a preacher and motivational speaker -- born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He struggled as a child, eventually came to terms with his disability and started his own non-profit organization Life Without Limbs -- at age seventeen. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope, and finding meaning in life.
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20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout!

Sadie created a fresh, new, super-effective 20-minute sequence to torch calories, and help you lose weight! Learn it, and a Core Breath Technique that amps up your weight loss benefits in much less time than with many other yoga and exercise forms. If you want to tone up, raise your metabolism, sculpt your muscles and lose weight...this is for you! See more at


D.I.Y Dyed Ombre Shirt

What you will need: 
                          - Clothing dye 
                          - A shirt 
                          - Salt 
                          - Hot water 
                           - Large container 
                            (an aluminum bowl would be best so it won't stain)                                
                            - Rubber bands
                            - Plastic Gloves
                             - Spray bottle filled with cold water

Making Apple Cider Vinegar part2


How to Make Greek Yogurt and Plain

Tressa Yellig, executive chef and owner of Salt, Fire, & Time, a community supported kitchen service, demonstrates how to make plain yogurt, and from there, Greek yogurt.
As Yellig explains, every culture has its own form of souring milk, and the practice of culturing dairy is one of the oldest forms of food preservation that exists. What's fascinating about yogurt is how many different textures and flavors develop from the regional differences within the strains of culturing bacteria that produces yogurt.

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How to Roast Garlic

Roasted garlic is a healthy and flavorful addition to any meal. Chef Meg shows you how she does it--with very little added oil or fat.


A Love Song from Kid President and Lennon and Maisy

Share this song with someone you love! Kid President continues his quest to make this an #awesomeyear for everybody in the world by singing you a song. Joining him are the amazingly talented Lennon and Maisy from ABC's hit drama Nashville.


How To Draw a Face


  1. Step 1

    Draw head

    Draw a head by lightly sketching an oval. Place a vertical guideline down the center of the oval, then divide the head with horizontal lines into four equal sections. The upper section marks the top of the head to the hairline. The bottom section marks the chin to the base of the nose.
  2. Hold your pencil between your thumb and forefinger, allowing other fingers to rest on top of the pencil. This provides freedom of movement to draw.
  3. Step 2

    Draw eyes and nose

    Add eyes at the oval’s midpoint defined by the central horizontal line. The width of the eyes and the breadth of the nose are roughly equal. Draw the nose, including the nostril wings, ball, and bridge, with the ball sitting at the central lower section’s bottom line. Rest the bridge at the section’s top line. Use your vertical guideline to maintain symmetry.
  4. The ability to look closely is one of the artist’s most important skills. Study your model carefully to capture the correct proportions of the individual’s nose, eyes and mouth.
  5. Step 3

    Draw the mouth

    Add the mouth, positioning it in the center of the upper half of the bottom section. Add more fullness to the lower lip than to the bowed upper lip, and express your subject’s mood with the curve of the line between the lips.
  6. Step 4

    Add ears

    Draw ears as elongated C-shapes, positioning them between the top of the eyes and base of the nose. Refine the shape, depicting the individual structure of your subject’s ears.
  7. Step 5

    Draw hair, eyebrows and eyelashes

    Add hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes with loose hand movements, duplicating the direction hair naturally grows or falls.
  8. Step 6

    Draw jaw and chin

    Define the face shape by drawing a line angled inward from the ears to the jaw. A second line, again slanted inward, connects the jaw to the chin. Draw the chin line straight or slightly curved, depending on your subject’s chin structure.
  9. If you have a mirror, you’ll always have a model. Self-portraits are great for mastering the techniques involved in drawing faces.
  10. Step 7

    Erase guidelines and shade

    Erase your guidelines and shade the face for the finishing touch, using the broad side of your pencil lead. Shading creates depth and realism, and who knows? You might be the world’s next great artist.

  11. Did you know? Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world, is preserved in a climate-controlled case at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


How to stay awake at work

Learn how to stay awake at work with help from these tips.

 Step 1: Use light 
Expose yourself to bright light, preferably natural daylight, to remind your mind and body that you should be awake.  
Step 2: Drink water 
Drink water to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue. Tip Caffeine can keep you awake, but large doses often come with a crash.  
Step 3: Move 
Get up from your desk every 30 minutes to walk, jump, or otherwise move around.  
Step 4: Keep cool 
Keep cool by walking in cold weather, turning on the air conditioning, or splashing cold water on your face.
Step 5: Chew gum 
Chew eucalyptus gum. A strong smell can wake you right up.  
Step 6: Use acupressure 
Massage your neck and the backs of your hands to improve circulation.  
Step 7: Listen to music 
Listen to up-tempo music. Nothing soothing or relaxing, but something that really gets you going.  
Did You Know? 
Humans sleep less than other primates, like chimps and baboons, who sleep around 10 hours per day.


YOGA FOR WOMEN, MENSTRUATION SEQUENCE Esther shows you some Yoga exercises to practice when you have your monthly period. This is "Yoga for women, menstruation sequence" will help you to feel energized when you are on your cycle.

Please check also my playlist Yoga for women for more related yoga videos.


How To Make a Creative Valentine


  1. STEP 1

    Give them a message in a bottle

    Give them a message in a bottle: Age a white piece of paper by brushing it with cooled tea and setting it on a piece of waxed paper. Once it's dry, write a love note on it, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, and stick it in a clean, corked bottle. Hide it for your love to find.
  2. STEP 2

    Let them puzzle it out

    Make a jigsaw puzzle out of a favorite photo: Glue a photo that's at least 8-by-10 onto a thin piece of cardboard; trace puzzle pieces on the back; then cut them out with a craft knife. Smooth any rough edges with sandpaper, and present the pieces in a gift box.
  3. STEP 3

    Personalize a box of candy

    Personalize a box of candy by writing messages like "I love you" and "you're hot" on adhesive-backed paper and sticking them onto the bottom of each candy's brown-paper cup.
  4. STEP 4

    Create a calendar

    Take a calendar, cover each month's picture with a photo of people, places, and things your partner loves, and mark days that are special to the two of you – along with "mystery holidays" throughout the coming year when you'll surprise them with something special.
  5. STEP 5

    Make a set of playing cards

    Make an adult set of playing cards by taking a regular deck and assigning a sexy favor to the same cards in each suit – with aces being truly wild. Then invite them to join you for a provocative night of poker.
  6. About 44 percent of all American households plan a Valentine's Day "date night."


Yoga By Equinox

Eager to master the arm balance? Equinox's Briohny Smyth shows there's no limit to what the artfully honed yoga body can do.

Another Briohny Smyth yoga video for Equinox:

Download the song, "Midnight," here:

Q Editors: Liz Miersch & Ashley Martin

Video by: Project Dstllry
Directed by Brody Baker
Scored by Sanford Livingston and Jamie Biden.


How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, explains how studies in cell research have demonstrated the mechanism by which micro RNA from genetically engineered foods may alter organ function in humans.


How to Increase Push-Ups by 400%|US army basic training

No doubt about it in basic training you're gonna gave to do a lot of push ups so you're gonna want to get your push up count as high as possible before you ever meet your drill sergeants. Let me show you the way to do that. You can increase your push up count considerably with this quick and easy routine. First thing you want to do is you want to do some jumping jacks to warm up your body, ok. Just a few. If you can do 25, 30 great. Jumping jacks are simple just like this, ok. Now once your body is warmed up this is the routine you'll really have to do to increase your push up count. The first thing you're gonna wanna do is do diamond push ups to exhaustion and when I mean to exhaustion I mean till you literally cannot push yourself off anymore, ok. And a diamond push up is when your hands are on the ground and it looks like this it's making a diamond. Alright, starting position your arm is straight gonna come down as far as possible gonna push yourself back up. Now again work to exhaustion. Then I want you to wait 30 seconds. Do a normal push up where your hands are normal length. Shoulder width apart, ok. Again you're going to exhaustion. And I'm gonna tell you the reason you're gonna go in this order in just a few minutes. Now we're gonna do wide grip push ups. So your hands are gonna be even farther apart then the normal grip of course. Nice and wide. So in between each of the diamond, the normal and the wide grip you're gonna be taking a 30 second break, gonna be working each to exhaustion. All of those three exercises is one set. You're gonna wanna do three of those every other day and if you're used to where you can do those three exercises without any problems do four sets then five sets then six sets however long you have to go until basic training. Now here's a tip when you're doing diamond push ups you're working your fast twitch muscle fibers in your triceps. When you're doing wide grip you're working your slow twitch muscle fibers in your chest. You're building up your chest your arms and your triceps all on one where you do each of the three variations of push ups. So if you could do twenty push ups before you even start this exercise you should easily be able to do 80 without stopping after you've done a few weeks of this exercise.

How To Wash Your Hands In Space | Video

More About The 'Space' Guitar Playing ISS Commander here:
ISS Commander Chris Hadfield shows us the fine points of manual digital hygiene in microgravity. A clean-handed astronaut is a happy astronaut. - Credit: CSA
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Bow Drill Fire Making at Alderleaf Wilderness College

Alderleaf instructor, Dave Scott, explains the bow drill friction fire making method during a class day at the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program. Watch more videos from Alderleaf Wilderness College at:


How to: Style Naturally Curly / Wavy Hair

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Products I used:
- Macadamia Natural Oil - Healing Oil Treatment
- Herbal Essences - Long Term Relationship, Leave-in Split End Protector for Long Hair
- Treseme Heat Tamer Spray
- Pantene Curl Defining Scrunching Mousse (Discontinued)
- Conair 1625 Blow Drier with Round Diffuser

NOTE: I realize I use a lot of mousse, but this particular one does not leave my hair hard to the touch, sticky or scrunchy... Once it settles in, it gives the most perfect, flexible hold curls ever.. I'm very sad this product is discontinued... :( Please let me know in the comments below if you know of any other mousse that you like

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HOW TO: Super Clean Your Windshield

We demonstrate how to make the windshield of your RV or car cleaner and clearer. We'll show you how to improve the clarity of the glass and improve visibility.
UPDATE: A viewer wrote to say that he experienced some areas of scratching after trying this. I've never heard of it scratching before, so I just did a little Googling, and while there seem to be some people who question using steel wool, others swear by it. Some also think you should never us a razor blade on glass, and others do it all the time. One suggestion was to use wet steel wool (of course it will then rust, so pitch it afterwards). Another mentioned buying something called "Poli-Flex Rubberized Clayblock" for cleaning. Although I cannot guarantee that scratching is impossible, many people who've tried steel wool since seeing this video have been thrilled with the results. Either way, proceed slowly and with caution and at your own risk.
After a little time goes by, every windshield gets a little hazy. That goes double for autos that are towed right behind a large motorhome. Using our toad (towed car), we show you how to use fine steel wool, Rain-X and Invisible Glass to make your view just a little bit clearer.

Although our car's windshield has a lot of little nicks from over 9 years of being towed around North America, we still want to keep it as clear as possible. Regular washing can't remove the fine dirt that gets into the pores of the glass, so we use a little detailer's trick that we learned years ago: 0000 steel wool. While you'd expect that steel wool would scratch the glass, it's exactly the opposite. Just like furniture makers use extra-fine steel wool to rub out the surface of the wood after each coat of stain, it polishes glass the same way. Everybody we've told about this little detailing trick seemed really surprised that steel wool does not scratch glass.

NOTE: We mention using fine 0000 steel wool in this video. It is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE, and care should be used in storing and using it. To see our video demonstrating how to start a fire using only steel wool and a 9-volt battery, click here:

Be sure to confirm that all methods and materials used are compatible with your particular RV or automobile.

RV Geeks offers basic DIY (do it yourself) RV service, repair and maintenance tips and tricks from full-time RVers who have been handling most of their own maintenance since hitting the road in 2003.

RVgeeks is proud to be affiliated with

While we're not RV technicians, we're very mechanically inclined and have learned a lot about RV systems over the years. We handle most of our own minor service, maintenance and repair work on our 2005 43' Newmar Mountain Aire diesel pusher. We also maintained our 2002 39' Fleetwood Bounder Diesel during our first two years on the road.

We meet lots of newer RVers who are eager to learn some basics about maintaining and caring for their rigs. After more than 8 years on the road, we want to share what we've learned (some of it the hard way).

We hope our experiences can help other RVers go DIY, saving some time, money and effort, while experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done.

We do not pretend to be experts on any particular RV topic, and mostly know about maintaining our own rig. But lots of things are the same on RVs in general, and diesel pushers in particular.


How To Cook Chicken Curry

Ingredients for Chicken Curry
(serves 3)

6 Chicken Drumsticks
Salt and Pepper
1 tsp Curry Powder
Flour for dusting

4 tbsp Olive Oil
2 Large Onions (650g/1.43 lb)
½ tsp Cumin Seeds
15g Ginger, Grated (0.53 oz)
2 Garlic Cloves, Grated
2 tbsp Curry Powder

350~400ml Water (1.48~1.69 cups)
1 Chicken Bouillon Cube
200g Canned Tomato (7 oz)
50g Yogurt (1.8 oz)

1~1½ tsp Salt
1 tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp Curry Powder (or to taste)
½ tbsp Fruit Jam (ex. Apple or Strawberry or Mango)

Steamed Zakkoku-mai - Rice with Mixed Grains and Seeds